Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tired Talent

Some of us were riding with Auntie Judy one day, and a small, blue, rusty pickup truck was headed right at us halfway in our lane. Judy went off the road and the right front tire hit something. It sounded awful and then we could hear that the tire  was busted. 

So, she pulled into a turnout and called insurance who had to call tire company who had to take their sweet time coming.  Before they even left their coffee and pickled eggs here is what happened. 

I called Jake who left right away. Then, a guy drove up in a black SUV asking if we needed help. Judy told him yes and he got right to it. I could tell he'd done this a time or two cause he had the routine down pat. 

I was befuddled, however, that he would not let go of his Capri-Sun. I looked at the girls, and they too found this a wee bit amusing. 
There was one time when he set it on the ground, then decided better of it, and picked it right back up. 
Judy even offered to hold it for him, but he refused. 
No matter what, he was keeping that Capri-Sun in his possession at all times. 

Jake pulled up just as Thirsty was putting the flat tire in the back of the car. It's a good thing I was mesmerized by this kind stranger's special ability to change a tire while never letting go of a Capri-Son because I noticed that he hadn't tighten down the lug nuts. So, I handed Jake the... the... the do-hickey, and he tightened them down while Judy gave Thirsty twenty bucks and Thirsty invited all of us to his family's BBQ in October. 

We jumped back in and were on our way when I called insurance company who asked me to call tire company who seemed quite relieved that we no longer needed him. 

Thanks, Mr. Thirsty!

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