Sunday, May 11, 2014

California Here We Come- Part 1

 This post is belated as we actually took this trip in April.

 My friend, Stacy, lost her husband of nineteen years to prostate cancer. We had just gotten a newer van so this time I drove down to the Mojave desert with Rylee and Nicole. We departed on a Thursday.

On the Monday before, Jake's niece, Kaia, called me out of the blue and asked, "What are you doing on Thursday?" Being that she lives all the way across Nevada, I laughed out loud figuring she was planning to come up just as I was going down. Turns out, we would both be in Logan on the same day. So, we met her for lunch and then popped in to the Logan temple. I did initiatories while they did baptisms. We all found things to be quite different from our assigned district temples. Still, catching up with Kaia and finding edification in the temple was a great way to spend an afternoon.

Rylee, Kaia, Nicole

That night, we stayed at my Sister Missionary's house. Jan was one of the Sister Missionaries who taught me the Gospel when I was 20. We actually stayed in their empty house because their family was- can you guess? In California! Thanks, Jan, it sure is nice to break up that 13 hour drive.

On my morning run... okay, it wasn't a run... not at all, but it was definitely a power walk... the temps were perfect. Keep in mind, where I live we still had snow on the north sides of houses.

 I smelled flowers, fresh cut grass, cigarettes from an invisible smoker, exhaust, and sage. It was wonderful having so much to look at while I chugged along listening to my tunes. I was gone for a good 45minutes. Here are some of the things I saw:

This U carved into a lawn. University of Utah?

This mailbox.

This black chain-link fence. I've never seen black before. Looks so much nicer.

This old truck.

This unusual ranch name.

This blossoming tree.

This pregnant burro.

This Dr.Suess tree.

These umbrella trees.
WHat haS caUgHt YoUR eYe LAtEly?

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cheesy Dino

Harris made a t-rex using cheese wax. He's so proud of it. He also made a platypus and a dog. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Which one is right for your particular ailment?

I took a friend to see a naturopath and noticed a bunch of bottles on the wall. Which one do I need?
Yep. That's the one. That will fix me.