Friday, December 26, 2014

Food Court This Way-------->

After a long day of fruitless errand running, we felt like we should do something fun with the kids. We had an hour before the next showing of Night At The Museum 2, so we hit the food court for dinner. Then, of course they all wanted frozen yogurt. 
Food courts are nice because everyone can get what they want. Pizza? Chinese? Subs? You got it. Porter and Kiki wanted Panda Express, and while I was standing in line with them, I noticed a delicious looking steak-tip stir-fry that would become my dinner. As we shuffled along the glass case, Kiki said, "Hey, that girl has the same name as you."

Sure enough!
Not just the same spelling either, same pronunciation.

It's a sign!

Well, it's a name tag which is really just a small sign. Even small signs are important, right?

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