Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Genealogy Moment~ Alamo Veggies?

This young man was born the 8th of 11 children. In 1930 he was a 9 year old kid living with his parents where their families had been raised in MchPerson, Kansas. 

In 1940, I found his father living in the Bishop Hotel. That's odd, I thought. What's he doing there? See the big "D?" He was divorced. 
So, then I tried to find Edwin in 1940. This is the only thing I could find, so far. Could he have gone to Texas to work? I haven't noticed a connection between my Edwin and the people that Hidalgo Edwin is lodging with. It does say that Hidalgo Edwin was born in Kansas, which is where my Edwin was born, but I just don't feel like I have enough to be sure.

I googled Alamo Fruit and Vegetable, Hidalgo, TX, 1940. Here are some laborers getting shipments loaded.

On Ancestry, there is a person who has a photo of a newspaper announcement about Edwin. I was so happy when I saw it. Then, I read it. 
So, here I am, a 43 y/o woman in Wyoming trying to find out if Edwin Maddox had any family members that may need temple ordinance work done for them, and I discover sadness, and coincidentally, an island connection between he and I.

Whatever your story was, Edwin, I hope you have found peace in the Savior.

(In case you can't read the article in the above image, here it is.)

"Edwin Dale Maddox, employed by the Shira Drilling Co., as a tool dresser ended his life Monday night about 10:30 o'clock, at the home of his brother, Howard L. Maddox, 404 East Third street by shooting himself in the right side of the head with a 25-20 calibre rifle he had sent home from war service in the Pacific area.

"He did not leave any note, nor give any indication to his brother or sister-in-law as to what he was intending to do. He had arrived at the home of his brother a short time before and went to his room. His brother and wife were at home and when they heard the shot, they rushed to the room and found him dying. The bullet entered the right side of his head.

"He saw a lot of hard service in the late war, serving with the marines on Bouganville, Marianas, Solomons Islands, Guam, Volcano Islands and Iwo Jima, receiving his discharge February 14, 1946.

"He made Hoisington his home for the past eighteen months, working as tool dresser for the same crew in which his brother, Howard, is a driller. He was due to go to work with his brother shortly after he ended his life.

"Surviving are his parents, his mother, Mrs. Ella Maddox, living in Wichita, and his father, J.D. Maddox living in McPherson where Edwin Dale was born. He also leaves six brothers and four sisters. The brothers are: Alfred, Harold and Howard of Hoisington and Orrie of Kinsley. The sisters are, Mrs. Glendyne B. Wilkins of Los Angeles, Mrs. Maxine WIlliams of Manhattan, Mrs. Maxine Williams of Manhattan, Mrs. Doris Cumley and Mrs. Eva Garrett of Wichita.

"Funeral services will be held at the Quiring Funeral Home at McPherson this afternoon and interment will be in the McPherson cemetery."