Saturday, December 6, 2014

Good Morning Oahu

Here's what I saw on my walk/jog this morning in Hawaii.

These statues in front of the Polynesian Cultural Center.
These young coconuts.
That sign for BYU.
This gorgeous flower.
This old coconut under a row of pine trees. Eh?
This LDS Temple.
This giant Santa and miniature Easter Island dude.

Some things I saw that I couldn't really photograph without seeming like a complete idiot were:
A crossing guard for BYU. Imagine that. College kids needing a crossing guard. Ha
A woman wearing winter boots. Brown. Lace up. 3/4 calf with fur on the tops. In Hawaii.
Christmas decorations. It's really weird seeing them up when it feels so warm.Confusing to the brain.

A little tip if you're going to go jog/walking here, the sidewalks have slick spots. Must be some kind of moss or something. Also a weird feeling; trying not to slip in 75 degree weather. I thought I left that behind.
You especially want to be careful on these metal covers. Verrrrry slippery.
WhaT diD You sEe on YOur mOrNinG WaLK?

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