Thursday, September 18, 2014

Publication #2

My daughter, Shanelle, as soon as she could write words on paper was always shelling out unique stories. Then, she took classes in college and really developed her own style of fiction and creative writing. That is most definitely a talent you either have or don't have.

Her first publication was a short story which was accepted by the Origami Journal. She wrote it for a college class. A class in which I actually sat in one time. Pretty weird experience. I felt like some weird growth on a person's skin that no one wants to talk about but everyone wonders about. ---Hi. This is my mom and she's just... going to... be here... for the moment---

Anyway, here is Shanelle's recent trophy accomplishment as a writer.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Memo of My Missionary- "The days go by"

The northern half of the mission.

Good times. The Spirit has confirmed to me that the words of King
Benjamin are true. When we are in the service of our fellow beings we
are only in the service of our God. There isn't much in this world
that brings me more joy than serving my brothers and sisters. Christ
was the ultimate example of service. Always lifting up others. Always
teaching a lesson.

New companion. Elder Landon Trejo of Saint David Arizona. Age twenty. Been in his
mission six weeks less than me. Going good so far.......

The Peterson family

A member made us some amazing cookies and cream milkshakes!

Shopping spree.

Some birdies.

Grabbing a quick nap during lunch.

On exchanges with Elder Brown. These elders' weekly numbers are way, way
down so my district leader sent me over there to figure out what's
going on. I hate special assignments.

With Doug Walker's parents. (They are from Star Valley, also. Doug Walker's wife was Anthony's Tae Kwon Do instructor for many years)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August Still

There's our spot!

We dunked our baby.

Harrison is now a baptized member in the kingdom of our Lord.

Baby jalapeno!

Jake used this in a batch of nachos and it was so yummy. This little pepper has a very strong, delicious flavor.

Our first harvested tomato.

Patiently developing.

This is the two-boys' box. They come eat peas every day.

Hope the carrots are sweet!

Doin' just fine.

He loves to mow.
Morgan has been making ships with Legos.

Isn't this cool?

Upper and lower deck. Kitchen with food.

Weapons all over the place.

This one reminds me of the movie "Flushed away" cuz of the reaching arm.

Kiki has been making all kinds of unexpected things from those tiny rubber bands that are trying to take over the world. This is her latest. Cupcake earrings!

I get to keep this adorable little guy.

Aren't these fabulous?

What would you name a superhero made from rubber bands?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Partying in the Contiguous United States

The first day of the County Fair, there is always a parade.

The kids decided about three hours before starting time they wanted to be in it. They bought the candy and registered all by themselves.

They threw most of their candy right at the start and Maddie had to use her foot as the brake. But they had fun!

For Andie's b-day, Grandma threw her a surprise bowling and pizza party. For some reason, the younger kids wanted to hold their bowling balls. Weird.

We were so hungry waiting for the pizza!

We kept having problems with the machinery. Weird stuff kept happening. Weird.

Harris made 100 points! He was the ONLY one to break three digits. He's always watching...always studying.

Bowling Granny.


When your boys forget to buy punks to light fireworks and use every match in the house, this is how you light your birthday candles. Just another day at the Galloway's.

She's so adorable.

Their final night, we stayed at my Sister Missionary's house in Lehi, Utah.

They had tons of fun playing capture the flag.

Stay out of jail!
Farewell, Alaska Gals. Until we meet again!