Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tiki Moon Villas

Turns out it's cheaper to rent a vacation house than to get two hotel rooms. Jake settled on the Tiki Moon Villas because they were right on the beach. It was infinitely more comfortable and cozy than a hotel would have been.This place is FABULOUS.

Welcome to Papaya Hale

They did a lot of work on this landscaping. I wonder if I could be successful at this in a place where things just grow.
El bano al fuera.
So many different types of stones. I never got a chance to ask Ray where they found them.
I just LOVE this.
There were different water features around every bend.
Here is the fence they put up.
Pathway to the beach.
Can you spot the cat. Each step I got closer, his head and ears would get lower.
No driving in the driveway.
Grassy area.
So much green.
I told you I LOVE this!
My children had no interest in relaxing in these lovely sitting areas. I never got a chance cuz of the rain.
That didn't stop them from playing in the water.

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