Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Guam or Bust

One last seven and a half hour jaunt across the Pacific was all that stood between Hawaii and our next phase of life. We turned in the rental car, jostled weight (again) between our checked bags, and had another looong walk to our gate. FYI- the stores in-airport are not stocked well for snackage. I recommend hitting a real store on the way to the airport.
This is the dead-body bag. Kiki carried it like this probably three car lengths! It was her idea; said that was the easiest way to carry that particular bag. Then, another kid tried it and I wondered what people must think of us as parents.
There were a TON of military soldiers on our flight and a bunch of Oriental folks and some Islanders returning home. We had five seats all together in the middle section and then two directly in front of Jake.
There was apparently WiFi on this plane but I never could get it to work. Auntie Judy said that's a new thing and they're still working out the kinks.
No personal screens on this plane and they stopped giving free meals a long time ago. I ordered the chicken stir fry and honestly, it was better than anything I had in Hawaii. I was grateful for it cuz I had taken an Excedrin and my tummy was burning.
We drugged the two-boys with Dramamine and they slept the entire way. I was able to get three fourths through my book, The Hundred Foot Journey, which is not much like the movie. Stick with the movie. It's much better. In fact, I think I left my book in the seat pocket on the plane and I'm not too concerned about finishing it except that I have a thing about finishing things.
Our welcoming party at the airport consisted of my Auntie Connie (my biological father's sister), her husband Frank, and their...granddaughter? It was great to see them again. It was dark out. Again, there were many smells that were familiar to me. Even with the breeze, it was very warm and muggy. After about five minutes, Auntie Judy (my mother's sister) and my cousin, Sam, showed  up in two vehicles. I didn't have any paparazzi to photograph this grand reunion.
We are staying in Judy's guest house which used to be her house when I was a small child here. I can remember quite a lot from that time like exactly where the piano used to be and that Sam hated having to practice. And one morning we had to drink powdered milk for breakfast which was disgusting.
Have you heard of of the game mancala? In Chamorro it's called chonka. I played with this exact chonka when I was small and now my own children play it. I wonder if it's even the same exact shells?
Our first morning, I was awake at three. Everyone else was up by four a.m! As soon as it was light out we walked down to the Flores family beach.
Here's Judy's front yard. Coconut trees, mango trees, bread fruit, atis (I think it's called custard fruit in English), papaya, and green lemons.

 These are the power lines. Can you see the dots between the lines?
 Giant spiders! But they stay outside.
 Just a short walk down this road...
Then cross over this "highway"...

To this little piece of paradise. That's Harrison's name for this place.


I guess if you have to be up early in the morning, this isn't  a bad thing to do.

These are all over the beach. Crab houses.

Our first Sunday, we went to the church building for nine o'clock meeting and no one was there. The building was very different in that all the rooms open to the outside. One door to the chapel was unlocked and Jake found a program from the previous week. Stake conference that day. Different building.

Every Sunday, Judy has a family meal. This picture shows the addition to Judy's house which was actually constructed in Indonesia, deconstructed, then rebuilt at Judy's. I just love it!

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