Thursday, December 4, 2014

Final Week In Wyoming

After moving into the apartment, I was asked a few times if my life got a lot easier because our living quarters were so much smaller. No! Without laundry facilities, and knowing how expensive the laundry mat is, I took advantage of any willing friends' washers and driers which meant having to leave the house sometimes to two or three places to rotate everything. Thanks guys!

Also, with no dishwasher, washing dishes required standing there for a while.  I tried to still make simple home cooked meals which was challenging for many reasons. Although, we had lots of dinner invites which was WONDERFUL. Then, of course I was still doing all my other "mom" jobs- taxi, teacher, go-fer, housekeeper, errand runner...blah, blah. 

Four weeks ago we sold my van. So I drove the Rover and Jake drove the truck. The day before Thanksgiving he sold the truck so we were a one car family. Ugh. 

The final week, being down to one car, tying up loose ends, and not wanting to have a bunch of food left over, and worrying about packing seven people into as few bags as possible, and Jake being under a ton of pressure to finish up his jobs, and kids wanting going away parties, then doing the whole, packing, storage, cleaning thing again...WHEW. That's the sound frequently making its way out of my mouth-among other things, but don't ask the kids, because they'll tell you, and your vision of me will be marred. 

Wonderfully, and blessedly, I had many kind hearts to turn to. I am so thankful for the friendships I have been blessed with while living here in Star Valley. You know who you are and YOU ROCK!

Our last day was Monday. I borrowed a car and literally was go, gO, GO! until we met up with the Kings at 2:15 pm, loaded our three carry-ons, seven Galloways, and seven personal bags, into their two vans. Our van was definitely more fun because Dallas and I sang to the Dixie Chicks!

Farewell, sweet Star Valley. 

This is Danielle, who bought our house. We went to visit her as a Relief Society Presidency to welcome her into Afton 2nd ward, and I forced her to take a picture with me. They are a wonderful family with three young children. She said she loves the house, and it turns out that her great, great uncle built it!

We were waiting for laundry at Dallas's house. (And making FHE treat!)

Dallas revealed her secret collection of wigs!

Not a secret anymore!

A whole new me.


We decided that with black hair, Rylee would need to dye her eyebrows.
JoAnn put on a huge Thanksgiving spread and invited us!

This was a great break during a difficult day.

All of our possessions are now waiting for our return in a 10x10 space.

Shay came up and we couldn't do our normal family activity of watching a movie, so we bowled.

The boys were so excited for their sleepover with the little boy two doors down from our house!

These three got along so well ALL the time. They loved the soup, Christina!
This was Star Valley as we left it.


  1. We will miss you!! All of you!! Be safe, keep in touch, I don't know how to follow you but really want to keep up!

  2. That's my cute nephew in those pictures.;) Good luck you guys! I can't wait to hear about all your new adventures in a new place! :)