Thursday, December 25, 2014

I'll Eat a Baby

This Christmas we went to Uncle Albert's house for dinner. He is my mom's only brother. Check out this table, and there still weren't enough seats! 
There was so much action going on in the kitchen. The gentleman in the gray shirt leaning over the counter and his wife in the red on the left are both proffessional French chefs. They are actually French, too, which was fun. I thanked him for the delicious meal and he said he didn't do anything; just made the potatoes. Ha. 
This is my very handsome Uncle Albert talking to Mrs. Cassidy, whose husband owns an insurance company. Albert and his wife, Denise, own a cookie factory. 
I found a Chamorro Duck Dynasty guy!
Meet my cousin Sam. He and I were like brother and sister when we were little. Including the fighting with each other. I remember my mom getting frustrated at us. 
Bring my kids to a nice place with cloth napkins and what do they do? Origami, of course!
There was SO much food. Turkey, ham, lamb, four different veggies, three different potatoes, several desserts, and lots of different drinks. This was a classy meal. 
I haven't had lamb since my mom learned to make it in England. It is so yummy. None of my kids would try the lamb. Rylee said there's no way she's eating a baby. I said in my most dramatic voice, "Bring the child. I'll eat him!" 

The lamb sauce was deliciously seasoned. The potatoes au gratin were cooked to perfection, and the asparagus was cooked with peppers and artichoke hearts. So wonderful. I had to go back when I saw the creamy cauliflower on Jake's plate and I had to try Auntie Judy's squash which was stuffed with a creamed greens mixture seasoned with turmeric. (I didn't get a picture!) I just love meeting new flavors. 
Do you know what is a sure sign of a good meal?
When even a blue and orange dragon can't keep you awake. Of course, this guy might also be suffering the effects of going to bed way late and having a kid wake him at six a.m. Honestly, Christmas Day is the only time my kids don't have to be forced to wake up early.
Morgan was finally able to order his robot using the money he made from the equity in the house. He's been holding onto the money since before we moved and had to wait for us to have an address. It got here today. He's so cute!
A full belly and a content heart. That dream CAN come true. 

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