Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Quips From Kids

In frustration, Morgan told me that he and Harris want to set up their Lego city, but what would be the point since we are moving soon and they'll just have to pack it all up again. I told him to go ahead and live life like we're not moving.

While on this hike at the War in the Pacific Memorial Park in Asan, we topped this clearing on a big hill and a huge liner flew by. Harris told us that that plane is full of people traveling to their destiny. Jake said maybe they're traveling to their destination of Guam? And Harris was very clear that they are traveling to their destiny. 

Here are other pictures from the hike:
This is no mountain but it was pretty steep.
Aren't these leaves great?
This is how big they are.
Then, my battery died. I wanted to share photos of the pillboxes in this hill. Most are just cave-like but there is one that is actually bunker-like. The Japanese hid in these with big, huge guns. The US Marine's first landing was in the Asan Bay. It was brutal.

Prior to the war, this hill was where they sent lepers. At another time it was a prison for Filipinos.  We saw water lines that we suspect was plumbing for that time period. They are trying to restore the trees and such to how it was before the war. They have pictures displayed of the soldiers relaxing on the battered beach; tree parts everywhere. There are apparently still live bombs and other ammo in the area and in the water.

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  1. My father was in Guam during the war. he was in the 706 tank battalion D company as a tank driver. He was on Guam when the war ended.

    Ray Sorenson