Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ruffle Zori and PPPs

So, apparently, I live at the base of a canyon which contains the largest fluctuating spring of only three in the whole wide world. The Intermittent Spring is about five miles up the road, and we go up several times every summer. Always when we go up the first time there is a large remnant of the mini glacier that forms during the winter. It is fun to note how much the mini glacier shrinks each time we make the "hike". I say hike, but I can do it in my zori. 

While my dad was here visiting from Oregon we all headed up to the Spring a little later than we had planned and ended up descending in darkness, which was a first for me. Here, I share the beauty of Swift Creek canyon:

My dad!

Porter and Nicole

The beginning of the trail. Harris was shooting a pop-gun which made the dog very nervous.

Nicole and Porter. They forced me to snap a shot at every PPP---> Perfect Picture Place

So touristy.

There's the spring at full flow.

Telling the story of...? Darn my memory!

song***There is beauty all around, when there's love at home.***

This is my favorite spot. You stand on the bridge, and wonder what's up river.

Or wonder something else.

Or just soak it all in.

Fall colors on land and in the water.

Red leaves and white berries. Gorgeous!

Objects in the phone camera may appear way larger than in reality. Or is my head really that big?

It was great seeing you, Dad. Thanks for stopping by!

Why is moss so appealing?



Ruffle zori and blue toes.  

That's the final and steepest ascent. I have never been up there. You can go right up to where the water comes out of the rock.

Another favorite spot.

Rock climbing colors.

You can see that someone turned the water off. It really is intermittent.

Monday, September 23, 2013

not skeet shooting

My dad has had TONS of hobbies. I'm not even exaggerating. Just a handful to mention:

Guitar playing
Remote control-cars-airplanes-helicopters-boats
4x4 off-roading

Apparently, when you retire, and your body is no longer up to much of rigorous romping around, you move to Oregon and take up kite-flying and crabbing. So, when he visited, since he couldn't bring the ocean  -----BUMMER----- , he brought kites!

These were really fun and easy to fly. Okay, not so easy for me, but the children learned pretty quickly.

funny note: you yell "pull", so it's like skeet shooting

no sticks

instruction time

i live in a beautiful place

poor morgan. burned his retinas.

porter had shades. much better.

my little harry

what the? i promise no photographers were harmed

And then we headed to the Intermittent Spring! (next post)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Unplugged Stranger

This is NOT my dad.
 My dad called the other day and said he was coming to visit. The children were so excited that they were aflame with uncontainable energy. 

Now, I will show you why it's so great to keep your children unplugged. They can come up with things to do that are not only entertaining to them but to us old fogies, as well!
Lively fellow.

Rylee's twin?
Who is this tall handsome stranger? He resembles my youngest boy, Harrison.
Meet Larry, my dad. He lives in Oregon.

Now, THAT GUY actually is my dad.He did really well putting up with all the noise and rambunctiousness. He also didn't seem to mind a bit being the shiny new object in the room that everyone wanted to investigate. I will share more pictures of his trip in the next post. 

Meanwhile, for your enjoyment, tall handsome stranger will dance for you:

FYI- Morgan is the legs under Harris.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Memo of My Missionary- Flying BoM

so i had my first experience where i literally had to just walk away or i would have killed someone. we were going to see a potential investigator who had a BOM and as we were about to turn to the apartment the BOM came flying out of the window in a trail of smoke. we walked up to find a BOM with the cover half burned companion tried to be a hero and walked into the complex to confront the guy who threw it out, i told him "dont even bother, it is not worth it."

comfy couches...finally

Elder Galloway and Elder Brewer

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Little Cuteness- because we all need some in our lives

A teeny-tiny rubber ducky.
One of an army of penguins I made for a RS book-tasting activity. Isn't he adorable? Tasty too!
Harold finally learned to ride a bike. He looks for any excuse now.
My nephew, Gabriel. How I wish I could cuddle him! But he's 3,000 miles away. He's just so happy. And cute.

There. There's some cuteness for you.