Tuesday, January 6, 2015

We Have an Eleven Year Old Again

This is our first meal cooked in the new house. It was Morgan's birthday on the 3rd. 
I asked what he wanted for his birthday dinner.  He decided pancakes and bacon. Bacon here is WAY expensive so, they've really been having bacon withdrawals. 
The electronics kit we ordered him got here just in time for his birthday. 
Then, we went for a night time family swim. Blue lights! This was so much fun and I kept wishing for an underwater camera!
Freaky alien amphibians. 
Morgan made a special request for my Grandma Edmond's salad dressing cake. Yeah. That's what it's called. It's made with Miracle Whip. No eggs no salt. He loves it with no frosting. The kids named it cabbage cake because they think it tastes like it has something healthy in it. Well, I don't think Mayo is considered healthy. 
The birthday singing wasn't bad this time, JoAnn. It was kind of "Home on the Rangey". 
Happy birthday my Mookie-boy. It's been a great eleven years.

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