Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Birthday Booty

I promise this is the last birthday post!
Here is another of Meady's cards. Isn't the fishy adorable? Thank you, Meady!
This is something Judy painted a long time ago and she gave it to me as a card. Isn't it great?
Thank you, Meady, for the tissue box that I coveted when you gave one to Ashley for her b-day! And thanks, Leslie, for the coasters!
Meady makes these boxes in her shop using prints of Judy's batiks. This is the Spanish Fort without all the rain!
Here is another side of the box. One of the villages of Guam.
Two Lover's Point, latte stones, and a grinding stone of which I forgot the Chamorro word. The ancient Chamorro used to build their houses on latte stones.
This is the Spanish Bridge. As in the Spanish era?
And, a couple posters from Judy.
Love it! Now I need a framer...

And finally, Rylee's card from Judy. Ha!

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