Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 13th, Happy Birthday Tiana

We have been wanting to visit the library so the kids can start getting books again. There is a big building in Agana which is shut down because they can't get funding to run the air conditioner. At least that's the story I've heard. So, I called the Barrigada library and the lady gave me great directions. We only got lost twice! I didn't get a picture of the outside because it was raining but my jaw just dropped when I saw how small the building is. I kept thinking there must be more back behind out of sight. Then I walked in. 
This is it. No joke. I am sitting in the computer area and looking at all the book shelves in that one area. I told my friend, Dallas, back home that it was tiny, tiny, tiny! She said, "Smaller than Afton's?" Yes! Sadly, yes! Jake said there were shelves of books that had actual cobwebs on the books.

 This makes me very thankful for the libraries in the US. I guess the internet is pushing out the newspapers and printed books, but I still know lots of families who, like ours, would go to the library every couple weeks and take home three bags full of books. My kids have learned tons from checking out books on their personal interests. *sadness*

So, this was the first day since we arrived where the entire sky was gray and it never stopped raining all day. Jake had cabin fever and said he wanted to go to the Old Spanish Fort. Rylee, Porter, and I joined him for the 30 minute drive down through sheets of rain and pond-like puddles. It was actually quite easy to find. We parked and rushed through the rain to cram into the little fort building. 
Porter's photo:

Then, rushed through the rain to examine  the canons. Then, take a quick peek down into the wall ruins of their living quarters. Then, rush back to the car. 
Porters photo:

We were completely drenched. I was wearing what Rylee thought was a raincoat that we bought her in Oregon, but considering that the inside was sticking to my skin, I think she thinked wrong! 
This was the only picture I managed to snap:
Our new tradition here on Guam is that if you attend a forced family fun excursion you get frozen yogurt at Yogurtland. These shops are everywhere. That red velvet is surprisingly delicious. 
Aah... this is the life. Well, it's an afternoon, anyway. 
May I consider this a personal birthday gift? Ten degrees cooler than normal. 
Jake asked if I'd like to go out for dinner and if I'd like to invite anyone. I called my new, and very amazing friend, Kate. She and Doug led us to a place she had recommended when we had their crew over for Family Night. It was when Kate asked what I was getting that made me realize I hadn't looked at the menu. This was my first sit down restaurant since Idaho Falls with my dad. I'd forgotten the routine! No dollar menus in this establishment!
Doug and Kate have a fabulous "Yours, Mine, and Ours" story about which she needs to write a book!

This shrimp cocktail was very different. The shrimp was warm and the sauce was not what we call cocktail sauce. I did love the salad under the shrimp. It was julienned cucumber, mango, red onion and who knows what else with a sweetened tangy dressing. 
Jake got this huge Porter house. There were four Asian ladies at the next table playing with their lobster claws and taking pictures. It was entertaining. Fresh lobster was $80!
I got this grilled salmon. This restaurant is neat because you pick your meat, then you pick a sauce to go with it. They were all very culinary sounding. Way too sophisticated for me to put on this blog. 
You have been patiently waiting to hear what year I have reached in my earthly journey. Have you ever heard of Jackie Robinson?  Did you know they made an outstanding movie about him a couple years ago? 

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