Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ritidian Beach

One day, all the kids in the whole ward were invited to the Hagues for a sort of birthday celebration. Kate said that Jake and I were welcome to come, or if we wanted we could have some adult time. Knowing how much Jake loves socializing and "hanging out", I took her up on her offer.

So, I suggested to my guy that we go check out Ritidian beach which is the north end of the island. It is actually a wildlife preserve and is surrounded by Anderson Air Force Base.

There is a dirt (sand) road traveling south parallel to the beach. The trees create a canopy over the road and with the sunlight coming through the green, it is SO neat. This picture does NOT represent how beautiful it really is.
We saw this sign, and jumped out of the car to walk the path to see what we thought would be ruins of an old church based on the posters displayed in the parking lot.
The path was not very long and then, there was the beach.
So, I looked all around trying to see how we missed it. This is the sign on the other end of the walkway.
Then, we got distracted by this sight.
So many different shades of blue.
I never get tired of watching the ocean. We do not know what these concrete blocks were for. There must have been something built out over the water.
Opposite the beach is this little beauty.
Don't worry, Sam, I will be borrowing your hat back to you soon.
When we finally were able to break our eyes from the water we walked along the sand. Every step I took, numbers of hermit crabs would take off in their awkward way.
Then, I saw some tiny thing ZIP across the surface of the sand. And I do mean zip! As fast as you can move your hand is how fast this crab was.

Can you see it in the picture? From side to side, including his legs, he's as wide as my thumb knuckle. TinY!
As I was deleting photos from my phone so I could take more, an Asian man and his three kids approached my location. He asked, "What you looking for?" I told him I was just deleting photos.

He and his kids just stayed right there seeing what they could see, and then the dad shows me this crab. It was the biggest one I'd seen, so I took a picture.

When Jake came back to where we were, he had been collecting some really cool shells. This beach does not get very combed over compared to Ypoa beach, where a lot of people go to snorkel or have get togethers.
As we slowly made our way back to the car, I spotted two HUGE crabs lumbering away from our steps. Okay, they're not Alaskan crab big, but of the hermit crabs that litter the beach, this guy is like the pro-wrestler.
 The bigger ones do not shy away into their shells. He was going to do whatever needed to be done to get me to let go of his house.

He came out so far, I could see his underwear! His eyes just crack me up.
Jake showed the kids. They were actually putting crabs into their water bottles. I don't know what their dad's plan was there.

The kids' dad asked if we could "take picture all together." Thinking he wanted me to take a picture of him with his kids, I put out my hand for his camera. What he actually wanted was for me and Jake to be in the picture with his kids. Well, okay!
Isn't this cool? We found it just like this.
Coley thought maybe it makes a word.
I don't know the name of this tree but I find it attractive.
Here is the path for the Spanish Historic Site.
Here is the only thing on that path that has anything to do with it. I felt pretty let down.
The wildlife preserve has this fence around it, but the other land along the road has signs that say there is always active hunting going on. That seems a little dangerous being so close to the road. What do they hunt for, and how can people get through that jungle? You cannot walk through it standing up!
This is the lookout before you drop down to the beach.

On the land side of the beach access road there is a hiking trail that leads through the jungle. The map at the parking lot says there are latte stones and caves. I will be going back to check that out!
Jake nearly walked into this. He was eating a wasp. The spider, not Jake. And then, my camera died.

Here's our beach booty from Ritidian!


  1. the corals on a stick reminded me of konji script (modern Japanese). and pig, deer, coconut crabs were hunted in that area when we were on the island

  2. Oh I forgot. that is beautiful and I am glad it is being protected