Monday, January 19, 2015

The Star Apple of My Eye

I went to Auntie Connie's for lunch on a Saturday. On the way, I dropped Jake, Porter, and Harris at the trail head for Pagat cave. 

She toured me around the yard to see all her flowers and trees. Orchids do so well here that she just puts a root on the trunk of a coconut tree and wraps it with nylon hosiery. (Sorry, no pictures!) She also has a huge cactus that's as old as I am. She puts silk flowers on it and people jump out of their car to find out where she got this flowering cactus. One Christmas she used poinsettias. Ha. Bougainvillea are almost threatening here. 

Anyway, we were in the corner under some trees and Connie exclaimed,"Fruit!" Sure enough. Star apples. 
She sent David, my cousin, after a ladder, and I climbed up through spider webs just begging them not to bite me. 
Kiki likes it. When I picked up Jake later, he tried it once with a tiny bite. He actually spit it back out. I told him to take a better bite so he can get the juice. He spit it out again. He's like a little kid when it comes to food! He said it was so sour. Well, I didn't get any sour. 
It's pretty, tho, right?

This is my Auntie Meady's store in Agana. It's called Framed, Etc. She previously had a store on Marine Corp Drive with the ocean right across the highway. The last really bad typhoon the shop got flooded. She was actually floating around on her couch. Now, she is a couple blocks back. 
Meady is on the right. On the left is Leslie, a longtime friend of the Flores family. 
Meady just recently visited her daughter, Jenny, and grandkids in Okinawa. Jenny sent gifts for our family back with her mom. Thank you, Jenny! 
Origami papers and the most beautiful stickers. 
Pastels and sketchbook. 
A playdough set. 
Origami heaven. 

Cookies with paintings on them???
This is SO cool. They taste just like the Christmas cookies you get in the blue tin can.  
Meady makes these cards. 
It's like origami. (I forgot the word, Meady!)
She made this one especially for Judy. That is Judy's house in the background. 
Here's the inside. 
Their tradition is funny cards. This one is hilarious. 
We had a fun get together for all the January bdays. Judy, Rylee, Morgan, and I. 

The Tonggan guest house has visitors from England. Judy met them years ago when she was getting her doctorate at Norwich. 
It's so great being able to spend time with family and friends on this beautiful island. 

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