Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hagues In My House

I love this pool so much. And I love these girls so much. I love Rylee, too, even though she is not in this picture. Did I ever mention that it is a salt water pool? My skin loves it.
It is really difficult to get kids to stop having fun so I can take their picture.
But isn't this picture absolutely adorable!?
Then it was like, "Pleeease. Let this be over!"
Twins! And Porter, who will not let me cut his hair.
We had so much fun swimming. Then used the free pizza cards from Kate for dinner. I surprised the kids with Winchell's donuts (remember that place?), and we watched the Boxtrolls.
I'm so glad we met this family. They have been such a blessing to us in just the short time we have known them.
Here's our house in the day time.
I didn't take pics, but there are 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. And a laundry chute which, so far, has not had any humans passed down it.
Nice and roomy for a condo.
Here's our unit. They're privately owned. I would love to own one.

Table for seven.

Walking to the pool.

The lady in this unit has a beautiful container garden all the way around her house. Some people have trees in containers. Even banana trees! With fruit!

This is a great basketball court. So great that neighborhood kids come play in the evenings. Morgan used to play with me until I instituted "rules". The pool is inside that black fence. There is a little guard shack at the entrance to the complex and full time guard on duty.
Pretty nice, eh?

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