Thursday, January 15, 2015

My First Real Hike on Guam, Okay, Really EVER~~~Part Two!

 Remember this is all down hill.
 And remember, we will have to come back out of here.
Children really are amazing, aren't they? Remember watching Swiss Family Robinson? Did you not wish to have that experience (albeit safely!).

So... yeah... who wants to sign up right now??? The angle of the camera here does not even show how steep this actually is.

This is the nearest I've ever come to repelling. Not that this is anything like that. But, seriously, I'm descending an incline that requires rope! Thankfully, Jake patiently stayed with me to catch me if needed.

 By the time we got to the bottom the children were already washed clean from playing in the water.
 This was so refreshing. Nice and cool, but not like Star Valley cold where you can't even stand it.
 This waterfall had to have been all of 40 feet tall.
Harris had a good sized bruise on his shin which he hit on a big rock. Kiki did the same thing. We learned to feel ahead of us in the water.

Carefully making my way to the waterfall.

 Okay, so, I didn't really "enjoy" standing under a waterfall. But still, I have now experienced it.
 There goes all but me and Rylee across the deep hole.

I had to really be firm with myself here. I knew I would regret not actually swimming. I'm glad I braved it. It was so amazing.
 You knew that eventually they were going to want to climb the rocks, right? And to jump off the rocks, right? Well, they were having a hard time making the leap.
 So, Big Papa got up there and everyone had to shimmy to let him to the right side for the deep water.
 And he did it. Trust me, I made sure that he measured the water with his height first.
This, I've never done. I really don't know if I ever will.

 Next was Morgan.
 You know, once your dad paves the way before you...'s a little less scary.
 Go Kiki!
 It took Porter the longest to convince himself to jump off a cliff just because everyone else did it. Rylee took like 40 pictures of him trying to make himself do it.
 But he did. Then it was no biggie.

Can you figure out what they're doing here? Yeah. Looking at the higher places to jump from. Rylee didn't get any still shots of that, only video, but they jumped from quite a bit higher. They're so brave!

 Morgan is a rock skipping champion. There were no smooth flat rocks here but he was skipping sometimes five times.
 Sideline Rylee. That's okay. I totally understand.
 Isn't this interesting?
 So, here's something that I've seen OFTEN here on Guam. People will take the time and care to BAG up their trash and even to TIE up the bag. Then, they just leave it where ever. Something got hold of this bag and tore it.

I wondered to myself:
First, how did people bring cases of beer down here?
Second, how did they manage to get out of there after drinking all that beer?
 We were basically in a green bowl.
 This is the hikingest little 8 year old I know. Dad says "Let's.." and Harris says "Go".
My Macho Libre.

We only had to course correct one time on the hike out, and it was still hot, with pockets of rain. We started the hike trying to avoid getting in the mud, it's a lot more fun once you let go of that.

 Have you ever been SOOOOOOOO physically exhausted you just don't want to move again for a week?
There was passing traffic as this group of white people emerged from the trees soaked with jungle water, island rain, and sweat; mucky with red earthy clay.

 After after, we all went to Yogurtland which felt so rewarding after that grueling hike.

Yes, I am one of those dorks who posts pictures of her food.

Tired puppies.

I feel really good about the fact that I did it. I made it. I had to use all my strength, flexibility, and brevity.

But, I did not die! *cue Kelly Clarkson*

"""""What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"""""


  1. I have never been there - I always heard it was SO hard. I wonder if I ever will... Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. Bravo my fearless friend. It looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  3. Looks like a movie set