Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dr. Judy Flores in the house- anyone in need of a doctor of Pacific Oceanic Art?

My mother had three siblings. I say "had" because my mom passed away way back in 1994. Even though, technically, they are still siblings, but that's how we roll in the American language. Judy was the oldest, then Albert, then my mom Phyllis, then Amelia (or Meady). I have some memories of each of them, but mostly of my Auntie Judy.

I know that my mom and I lived with her for a time. Maybe even more than once. I remember one time at the breakfast table, for some reason Judy was using powdered milk instead of fresh and UGH! It was awful! I remember them nursing a little baby chick and trying to get it to drink mineral oil because it was constipated. I remember some kind of fowl outside her house attacking me by pinching my sides with its beak. I remember huge rows of green beans, and Uncle Johnny's snore rumbling the entire house.

Judy, along with her son & his family came up to Star Valley to visit back in 2006 when I was very pregnant with Harris and our house didn't even have flooring in yet. It was embarrassing to me that we were living on ply-wood floors. She and I went for a walk out in the the hay fields and the high altitude was effecting her oxygen intake. The children loved her then, and they loved her this time as well.

My Auntie Judy is somewhat of a globe traveler, and when you live in such a remote place as we do, it is very flattering when someone decides we are worthy of a quick stop in the Rocky Mountains. Although, maybe she came because she also loves the process of design and renovation and wanted to see our project in person! Ha! Whatever your reasons, Auntie, I am so thankful the children got to meet you and that I had a few days time to bond with you again. You endured the craziness quite jovially!

 First stop on the tour of the cottage was to the tree-house.
 I've never even been up there!
I love people who love to share their talents and knowledge. Here, Judy is teaching us how to make chicken kelaguin which is a Chamorro dish of chopped chicken, celery, green onion?, and lemon. She also made red rice, which is made so by achiote. My mouth is watering...
 Judy has been a batik artist for thirty years. She is quite well-known for it in Guam and through-out the Pacific Island arts community.

Here, she is teaching us to do batik on some silk dream catchers.


I cannot even express how much I enjoyed this.

When she does it for real she uses actual clothe dye. We used water colors.
 I *sacrificed* my crock pot-----okay, I didn't like it much anyway-------
to melt the wax. Originally, Judy would use parafin, but then she found a synthetic version which has a higher smoke point and less odor. We used what I had out in the garage.
 Morgan and Harris were at work so they didn't get to do this with us.

 I just love expressing myself artistically, no matter what the medium, which in my opinion can even be food, music, card-making, organization, speaking...whatever it is that INSPIRES you!
 Isn't Nicole adorable in that bandana?

Group shot of dreamers and dream-catchers.

 Here is mine. It is autumn and I wanted to bring that into the house. We don't have acorns here, but they are quintessentially harvesty, yes?
 Here is Kiki's (Nicole's). I love the coloring in the tree-top and the splattering in the blue.
 Bet you can't possibly guess whose this is? Rylees! Horse maniac.

I love the expression of the horse's face and action, and the swirls of color.
 Here is Auntie Judy's. She sat right at my table and painted the scene outside the north window.

I love the shading and the fall colors. She's amazing.
 I don't know what happened to my close-up of Porter's, but his is on the right. Lily pads and a butterfly.
 After we were done with batik painting, the children were, of course, enamored by the melted wax and started painting first, a finger-pad, then a whole finger...
 Never too old to explore the possibilities...
 Harris was the first to decide to paint his whole hand.

His hand covered in wax.
The hollow inside.
Broken pinky.

 Now, it's noses, and elbows, and toes...
 Well, okay.
See the shelves between the TV and the pantry? Jake installed them the first night Judy was here. She went to bed and we were still drilling and vacuuming. Sorry, Auntie!

Now, we just need cubbies along the top and a built-in desk in the corner!

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