Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Memo of My Missionary- WEIRD, 97 violations, and Zombies

well, Yreka is interesting. the area we cover is huge and we are basically at the edge of the mission boundaries. the only ones further out than us are a pair of sister missionaries in Etna. the people here are WEIRD haha. the drug of choice here is Meth. let me tell you this: Zombies do exist, just look at a meth addict and you will agree. we drive a Nissan truck. i do all the driving cuz my companion got all his driving priveleges taken away..he had 97 violations lol. I must be honest, when i first got to Yreka i was murmuring in my heart against president young for sticking me here in this dead waste of a town with a comp that breaks a ton of rules and is lazy. luckily this week he came to the area to interview us. i told him my feelings and he said "that's why i put you here, to straighten him out. to make him work." i thank you mom and dad and all my other Boss people for helping me build a strong work ethic. and elder mcbride my trainer helped a lot too. it made me feel better to know that president trusts me to be an example and inspire other missionaries to work hard. he said he has big plans for me :D. i must be humble though. 

so this morning an investigator agreed to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God! way awesome! finding through members is in my opinion the one and only way to find people to teach. forget tracting. i like to see results and tracting just does not cut it. President told me that the two previous missionaries that were here had like uber anxiety about tracting. they couldn't take all the insults and ridicule. me though i just smile and walk away. as D&C 75 says (i think 75 lol) shake the dust off of your feet onto the porches of those who will not recieve you and depart speedily. 

 this ward is totally dead. the other two missionaries that were here only taught 10 lessons in six weeks. my companion and I taught 10 lessons in just this last week. i think that if we dont see results here this transfer president is going to shut it down and just leave senior missionaries here to do less active work. but we do have 3 solid investigators that should be baptized soon. like i said one already committed so we are gonna set the date this week or next hopefully. only one problem he is hard to meet with cuz he has a busy schedule.

mount Shasta (active volcano!)

elder and sister Pease


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  1. Just read some of Anthony's posts to the kids. They love hearing about his mission and what's happening. Tell him Teagan and Anthyn say hello. Tell him I say thanks for being a great example! :)