Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Package from Guam

My Auntie Connie over in Guam has blessed us with Chamorro treats! Thank you SOOOO much! I shared one bag of sembe with the kids and hid the rest. I'm pretty sure she made the guyuria herself. This was a very timely arrival as we JUST FINISHED the last bag of guyuria that Auntie Judy gave us. Oh, how the Lord looks out for me!  And a couple of the children tried an achiote seed just to see what it tastes like- not too good, I gather. Good for red rice, though!
Did you know that I love used postage stamps? Because they have traveled.
Guyuria is in the big bags. They are a cookie made with coconut milk. The children nicknamed them fried caterpillars. I can't resist them. The red-labeled bags are sembe or Japanese rice cracker. The red seeds are used to color rice for parties, and other foods, too.
These are >spicy< and crunchy and coated with soy sauce. Kiki named them canoe crackers. I shall savor each one.

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