Friday, October 25, 2013

A Sage Visit at the Foot of Mt. Timpanogas

We have a friend, who served a mission in New Zealand twenty some years ago. His Mission President was Herschel Pedersen, who had someone ask if they could put together this book about him:

  Bro. Pedersen has been a tool in the hands of God for bringing abot many miracles in many lives. He spent decades reading the standard works all the way through four times a year! He can quote scripture references like I've never seen.

 Anyway, our friends invited us to go with them to visit Bro. Pedersen. It was like being at the feet of a sage. We sat and asked questions and he would give us scriptures and examples from his life. Then, his wife set the table with some homemade soup, which was lovely. Afterwards, the four of us went to the Mt. Timpanogas temple which is quite unique in its design. On the way home, we had dinner in a restaurant near Brigham City which is famous for its meats and fried chicken, but also had unique inventions like turkey steak and vegetable steak. They served soft, moist rolls and corn pone with raspberry honey-butter. It was a great day trip!
At the Pederson's home.
The glass work in the celestial room just makes my heart sing.
Exclamation point.
Oh look, there's some people.

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