Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Memo of My Missionary

things are really good. the sisters in coos bay baptized a 14 year old girl named Mary Jane on sunday. that was awesome. i was in charge of filling up the font. lets just say a five gallon hot water tank is no good. i am not a trainer. im just a regular junior companion this time. my companion is elder Turner. he seems cool. still getting to know him though so ya lol. yeah it is quite hot here. i am now serving in Yreka California. look it up it is wierd.

Me: So, you got transferred!?!

yeah i just barely got to Yreka like two hours ago. dont know a single person except the member that drove me here. kinda scary. we got double transfered into here.

  the AP's and I talked to president about grandpa and he said he will put me in Newport one of these transfers.

Glen is getting baptized on the 26th. working hard.

Elder Drake Turner
Me: Funny story involving Elder Turner. I was in the grocery store and our neighbor, Bro. Mike Gardner (he and his wife own the adorable yellow Victorian-style house, they are snow-birds meaning they only come up her for the no-snow months) got in line behind me. He used to be a coach and has a son who is currently coaching. I guess he sometimes helps his son out just cuz he really loves working with the youth. Anyway, he was asking his son about one of the young men who they coached who was out serving a mission. His son told him Drake was in the Oregon Eugene mission. So, Mike says "really? you should have him look up my friend Anthony Galloway" Mike's son reiterates this message to Drake's mom who then informs him that Anthony is Drake's companion. Small world!

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