Thursday, October 24, 2013

Memo of My Missionary- Hands Down

 Stefanie Buttram and her children Jestin and Ivie Shriver have decided to exercise their faith in Christ by entering the waters of baptism together on November 9th! i love them all they are awesome! and Glenn Leighliter is getting baptized this saturday at 6pm.
So Jestin is 12 and has been going to church all by himself for a couple weeks now. he loves it. he even went home teaching with the young men's president. he will be a good addition to the ward cuz there are no deacons lol. Ivie is 10 years old. she is probably my favorite. She said "i trust you! i dont want anyone but  you to baptize me!" i love that she trusts me. i just love kids! Ivie is so excited about getting baptized she is telling everyone. she even wanted to announce it in church at the pulpit lol. She has been going to church with a member family for a couple months now. she even has a part in the primary program this week. Stefanie is the mom and she way cool. she has a lot to repent of but that's what the Atonement is for right? she is way excited to get baptized with her kids. we taught her WoW [the Word of Wisdom] and [the law of] Chastity cuz we knew she had some issues with those two things. enough said about that. i have really enjoyed teaching them. the two kids opened up to me from the start. it took Stefanie a little longer to trust me though. like ten minutes and she finally would talk openly with me. she is a good person. so help me if people judge her at church i will be furious. she has tattoos and stuff. shouldnt be an issue though because this ward is hands down the most Christlike ward i have ever associated with in my life. closest thing to Zion i have ever seen.

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