Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Memo of My Missionary- "The days go by"

The northern half of the mission.

Good times. The Spirit has confirmed to me that the words of King
Benjamin are true. When we are in the service of our fellow beings we
are only in the service of our God. There isn't much in this world
that brings me more joy than serving my brothers and sisters. Christ
was the ultimate example of service. Always lifting up others. Always
teaching a lesson.

New companion. Elder Landon Trejo of Saint David Arizona. Age twenty. Been in his
mission six weeks less than me. Going good so far.......

The Peterson family

A member made us some amazing cookies and cream milkshakes!

Shopping spree.

Some birdies.

Grabbing a quick nap during lunch.

On exchanges with Elder Brown. These elders' weekly numbers are way, way
down so my district leader sent me over there to figure out what's
going on. I hate special assignments.

With Doug Walker's parents. (They are from Star Valley, also. Doug Walker's wife was Anthony's Tae Kwon Do instructor for many years)

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