Saturday, August 9, 2014

Batik Workshop a la Tiana

Remember back in October when my Auntie Judy came for a visit and taught us batik painting on silk dream catchers? Well, I was invited to give a class for children in the summer Art Camp which is arranged by the Star Valley Arts Counsel. (Which I'd like to join when I grow up!) Judy offers actual real workshops over in Guam. She offers them privately and also through hotels and tourist agencies.
Doctor Auntie Judy in the house (last year.) She is so much fun!
Now that I've done it once, I know how better to conduct the class. I had three hours to fill and we were almost done after one hour!
I had some examples of finished dream catchers and I also brought some black line drawings for the kids to use, if they wanted.
This beautiful little girl is one of Jake's first cousins once removed. Ha. Seriously, she really is. I just love how independent and confident she is. She never needed any help but always told me directly what she needed.
This is the designated wax-melting crock-pot.

After they each finished their two dream catchers, I let them paint on paper if they wanted.
Next time, I would make them practice on paper NOT making close lines first, and try using the wax as a shield to achieve different effects before
 working on the silk.
This little boy was actually too young but, his grandma said she'd stay so we let him participate. He was very energetic and persistent!

The boy who did this was very good at drawing. He loved the outdoors so that's what he wanted to do.

That's the nature loving artist, in the camo shirt.
I just love this little girl's personality and she also was quite good at drawing. She was not afraid to try different things.
Totally adorable!

It was a fun experience, and I would do it again. Thanks for the invite, Star Valley Arts Counsel.

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