Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August Still

There's our spot!

We dunked our baby.

Harrison is now a baptized member in the kingdom of our Lord.

Baby jalapeno!

Jake used this in a batch of nachos and it was so yummy. This little pepper has a very strong, delicious flavor.

Our first harvested tomato.

Patiently developing.

This is the two-boys' box. They come eat peas every day.

Hope the carrots are sweet!

Doin' just fine.

He loves to mow.
Morgan has been making ships with Legos.

Isn't this cool?

Upper and lower deck. Kitchen with food.

Weapons all over the place.

This one reminds me of the movie "Flushed away" cuz of the reaching arm.

Kiki has been making all kinds of unexpected things from those tiny rubber bands that are trying to take over the world. This is her latest. Cupcake earrings!

I get to keep this adorable little guy.

Aren't these fabulous?

What would you name a superhero made from rubber bands?

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