Thursday, August 7, 2014

Alaska Cousins and That Bridge Thing Again

Our first dinner with the Alaska cousins!
 We've been so excited for the arrival of Jake's nieces who live in Alaska! These girls have boundless energy, they gave my kids a run for their money. (Energy bills. Ha.)
After playing with the pony.

The kids kept Jake's fix-it garage quite busy with go-kart repair.

First jump for Maddie.

Andy, mentally preparing.

Thar she goes!

How was it? Cold! Shockingly cold.

Trying to be in the water and warm at the same time.

Motivational meeting for Porter.

He only jumped once.

Then, he reached down to his knee and found this! Ewwww! I am never ever jumping in there. Gone is that dream.

This was jump number 8. Each girl had to jump 15 times.
 Rylee came fully dressed, not planning to jump. Nicole and Maddie made a deal that if they jump 15 times, Rylee has to jump in clothing and all.
This little visitor I don't mind!

Maddie and Coley did it! And Rylee wasted no time jumping in to get it over with!

Then, all three agreed to jump together. Rylee and Nicole don't seem to understand what a pact is! I can't remember what Maddie yelled as she realized they didn't jump with her.



Very cold. And very wet.

We stopped at Grandma's to see what she thought of the slimy thing that was on Porter's knee. She did not give the reaction we were hoping for. These guys ate cherries. Very, very sour cherries.

Look what Rylee did to my dorky hat with her bike's handle bars.

These guys laid out in the sun.

I command and they listen. "Sit on this rock."

With Grandma.

The Andie. The Auntie.

WhAt CAme NExT?

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