Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One Last Hoorah in Oregon


This beach is on the north side of the Yaquina Lighthouse. It is RIFE with fossils. Rife is a fun word, no? 

I knew Harris was going to stay in this one spot to excavate fossils and he did for a very long time.
This really reminded me of Lord of the Flies. Which I haven't seen for over 20 years and can't remember at all except for kids living on their own on an island. So, don't fault me if that's a bad movie!

I love watching children get lost in their imaginations.
No fear.
Me and my dad.
Characters. Real.
Whales eat these.
Who needs anemones?
Giant rope.
This beach has had lots of things wash up from Japan. The tsunami, you know.
Jake found all these crab shells.
It was starting to get really cold.
I love these.
They're like cobblestones.
This looks like a chef's hat.
So much love the beach. This was actually the first day I was there.
Dad took us crabbing! After a couple hours it started to rain so I shuffled Gran back to the car and they all stayed out there for a couple hours more. They totally loved it. Thanks Dad!

Gramma Suzie.
My Harris.
Scowling Porter.
Chicken leg in a small trap.
Setting up.
A different kind of trap.
Toss it out.
This one you flip in circles and launch.
Hollywood Rylee.
Harris pulling up weeds. Sea weeds. Yum.
Nicole was the first to get a crab. She has a gift. A fishing gift.
Poor guy. At least he doesn't get punctured with a hook and then released.

 Porter's first crab.
 One must be specially trained to handle crabs!
 Some could reach back pretty far with their pinchers. Then what!?
My Morgan.
There was a small trap on the end of this pole. We failed miserably with it. Casting the line was fun, though!

VERY long ride home.

Back in Star Valley!


  1. B gets my vote, I Really enjoyed our time to gether

  2. I like B too. Thanks for such a fun trip!!!!!!!!!!!