Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to Double the Fun at Bear Lake

First trip to Bear Lake 2014. 
After running a bunch of errands that I was not planning on, we finally get to the beach at one in the afternoon. Ugh!
I lather up the kids and let them loose, then settle down under my 'brella with a new book when a foreign couple walking by start talking to me: Do you know you have a...? (He points.)
No! I didn't know I have a... ! Thanks to Hubby lovingly running home from work to research how to get to the spare, and the *coincidence* that Derek the Napa guy was in the group of beachers right next to us, the very hardy donut was put on and we made it home.
Second trip to Bear Lake 2014.

Great way to spend the day with our visiting friends, the Johnsons.

Sand and sun equals fun. Well, it's better with water as these New Mexico residents well know.

Jen said I could only take her picture if no one could actually identify her. Here ya go.

I told her this was going on my blog. She didn't believe me.

Don't you love sand castles? Then we drive down the beach to go home and we see a couple of extremely elaborate castles; five feet tall with spires. How do they DO that!?
These boys are on a cruise. Complete with food. (Which they put in large ziplock bags.)

These two were born one week apart and that's how Jen and I became friends. Misery loves company.

Designer clothing.
On the way home, at the top of South End, I pulled in to the scenic look-out to ask if Jen wanted a picture there, and she said my tire was low. WHAT! I tried to change it myself, having learned how to access the spare LAST time. But then, I couldn't figure out where to put the jack. Thankfully, Jake was just finishing the 9th hole of his golf game and came to rescue us. We had everything ready for him. Rylee even got the lug nuts loosened. Back on with the hardy donut.(Double the fun!)
In the end we were rewarded with this bright red bulb illuminating the beauty of Star Valley.
WilL the 3Rd TiMe bE a CHarM?

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