Thursday, July 24, 2014

if your friend jumped off a bridge, would you?

 Jumping off the Grover bridge is a longstanding Star Valley tradition. Well, when you live in a rural area, and you're young...

So, Kiki had this on her list of things to do with Kaylee. Only, Kaylee could not be convinced that it was way fun and worth getting her hair wet.

But the boys liked the sound of it and the very first to do it was Konnor. He is now our bridge jumping champion having jumped six times!
 Next was Morgan. You could tell he was afraid but he did it! Twice!
 Don't be deceived by the beautiful weather. That water is cold.
 Fortunately, you swim in with the current, not against.
 Our next jumper took many, many minutes to motivate.
 I don't know how he finally made peace with it. No, not peace, really, everyone was pretty much yelling at him.
 But he did it. Even if he never does it again he can say he did it.

 Our youngest jumper was little Kenna. I can't believe her spunk. She had to swim with all her might,too.
 Finally, Kiki couldn't fight the urge any longer. She decided that if Kenna would, she would, clothing and all.
I'm proud of all of them for facing their fears. Some day I'm going to do it. Harris said next year he is doing it. My baby!!!

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