Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Final Play Day With the Johnsons

I told Harris to get the chairs washed up for our fire-side that night.

Kamryn jumped right in and took over. I didn't get pics of that night, but we sang songs and roasted sugary stuffs. It was nice; stayed up late talking til we ran out of wood.
We went up to Intermittent Spring. Here is Morgan climbing up the face of this hill for the first time. Usually, they go up the back which is not quite as steep and has a very well-worn path. He got this high and I stopped him. I'm not that confident in my first aid skills!

That's Konnor at the top. He took the back way and his mother nearly had a heart attack. Ha.

There had to be a hundred butterflies out that day! Yellow, green, these beautiful blue ones, orange ones, and a pair of black and white ones.

Catching butterflies.
Then we went to the ward party for dinner and dancing. Here is Bishop Hastings giving instruction.

This was so much fun. All of Jen's kids danced, even little Kamryn.

There were quite a few mix-ups, but they just added to the fun.
Rylee was able to complete their Wyoming experience with a horse ride.

They were LOVING this.

Kenna took this job so seriously.

Saddle her up!

Rylee's warming up the horse.

Both of them are tall.

She's still adjusting to neck reigning.

Rylee just loves this.

Elbow, elbow, wrist-wrist-wrist...

January is a really great horse; very well-tempered. Although, right before we left her, it was dark and some people were lighting fireworks right outside her pasture and boy did she get scared. We had just gone out of the gate by then.

The boys were doing "the disco", as they put it.

Nice moves.

There was much documenting going on. Isn't she adorable? Jen! Where's the pictures!

Kamryn kept talking to the horsey.

Jen even braved it. Wonder what January thought of her screaming. Ha.

Catching grasshoppers to put on us. Yuck.
ThanKs fOr vIsiTinG, guYs!

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