Monday, June 16, 2014

Oregonian Wedding~The Troops Arrive!

After a two day drive with the four younger whippersnappers, Jake was rewarded with driving through Portland. That was his favorite. Okay, you can sense the outright lying right? He was very grumpy and carsick by the time I met up with him in Portland. We stayed one night, and went early to the temple. This is the first temple I've seen with an atrium in the lobby. On one of the tables was a sign: Please limit photography to inside the atrium. I guess in a place where it rains a lot, you provide a protected area for picture taking. What about in a place where it's winter 9 months of the year???

After after, we took the kids to Multnomah Falls which is 30 miles east of Portland. We went up to the bridge, then continued up to the look-out. Over a mile of climbing! Albeit, the trail is paved, but still! Next day, I got out of bed and my calves SCREAMED at me.

The boy with my face.

That's how far we came up!

Horror movie scene. She's scaring me.

They missed it. They ran right by it and missed it.

That tree has toes!

Someone's troll family.

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