Thursday, June 19, 2014

Oregonian Wedding~ She Weds!

The moment you've all been waiting for. Here comes the bride...

Shanelle's favorite cello piece played from a tiny aqua blue speaker while Jake walked his number one daughter down the aisle. The guests had formed a line on each side so that Shanelle could be greeted by each of our smiling faces and we could each enjoy hers. The officiant shared eloquent metaphors comparing the ocean to the bond between two different cultures and to love which has no bounds. Then, the groom and bride read their own inspired words of love which caused droplets of tears to trickle down the cheeks of many who were standing in the mossy, stone gazebo. Rings were slid onto fingers and the groom sealed their vow of matrimony with a very showy kiss.

After taking pictures in the woods, my family, along with Keili and Stephanie, dashed over to the events center and decorated for the dinner. Shanelle had gathered books, vases, frames, and such from thrift stores. She made the cake herself. (I didn't get a picture!) It was delicious. As was dinner itself. Harris came up to me and said, "I did this with my napkin because Phil did this with his napkin." You see how important it is to always be a good example!

It was great to have time to sit around and socialize. I spent time at each table. The Best Man and Maid of Honor gave very sentimental speeches. It was neat to hear what Shanelle and Lawrence's peers had to say about growing up with them. My favorite part was when they had their first dance together as a married couple. I watched my younger daughters watching them and remembered how magical it was when I, at sixteen, watched my cousin dance with her new husband.

We were exhausted after, and made the guys pack everything up. We gave hugs to all our new and old friends and went in our separate directions. I just realized that I didn't get any of my own photos with the Calverts! Well, I will share the photos that Justin took when I get them.

May Shanelle and Lawrence be blessed with lots and lots of years to grow together in strength and friendship.

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