Sunday, June 1, 2014

Follow Kristin Around!

When I was living in California, there were groups of women in my ward who would travel together to Salt Lake City for something called BYU Women's Conference. I had never even been to Salt Lake at that time. It sounded so appealing when they shared their experiences of staying in the dorms on campus and taking all these inspiring classes.

Well, this year I got an email from my very good friend, Kristin, inviting me to join her at the conference, because her mom, who usually goes with her, is serving a mission in Nauvoo. I hopped on that bus a.s.a.p!

We drove down together which was awesome because, since being released from the Young Womens Presidency, Kristin and I hardly spend any time together. (The occasional dinner out with our husbands) We talked, and talked, and talked- just like the first time we really got to know each other all those years ago- driving to Salt Lake!

We arrived in Provo and met up with Jamee, who used to live in Smoot across the street from us, and Kristin's friend, Elaine, from her days in Hurricane, UT.

Jamee, Elaine, Kristin, Tiana (Jamee and I roomed together and were like young girls-talking and talking and talking. It was very therapeutic.)
 They initiated me into the group with dinner at Zupa's. This place is amazing! They serve, soup, salad, and sandwiches but it's not like any soup-n-salad buffet you've been to. They will make you a salad with any possible topping you could desire and then dress it in a dressing you could never figure out how to make at home! They allow you to sample the soups, which is really a terrible thing to do, because how can you possibly choose just one! Well, I knew which one I HAD to get because my kids and I love watching Studio C----- Lobster Bisque!!!
I keep trying to find excuses to go back down to Provo just to eat here again, but no luck!

 Each day started and ended in the Marriott Center. This place is HUGE.

The highlight speakers for me were Sherri Dew and Elder Cook.
 We had so many choices for classes, and it was really hard to choose. It was also first come/ first serve as far as getting in. So, you didn't want to pick two buildings that were across campus from each other.
My first day, all classes I picked were in the same room. Easy-peasy.

These ladies were all vowing to take copious notes and share them with the rest. Ugh. I hate taking notes cause it distracts me from the moment. I like to internalize what's being said and only right down what I want to know verbatim. I tried, tho.

This is not the mom in the video. This is an LDS singer.
 The first night there was a concert. It was really cool to be at a concert that fed your spirit and left you feeling loved.

They showed a short video of a little girl who was killed in a recent school shooting which had everyone tearing up. Then, they brought her mom out on stage and every one stood up and clapped and clapped while bawling and bawling.

She said that she had people who came up to her to say that her life was their worse nightmare. She did not want that. She shared her understanding of God's plan and that their family still struggles with their loss but that they still have many great blessings in their lives to enjoy and be grateful for.
Cell phones swaying to the music. Funny.

My number!

The second night's plan was P.F.Chang's for dinner, but there was an hour wait so we discussed and decided to try an Indian restaurant that Jamee knew about.

I will forever be grateful for that decision!

I don't remember the name of this but it was beyond delicious. Chunks of cheese in this sauce. My life was made better by eating this dish.

As an islander, you can't ever go wrong with rice!

Naan bread. Eat with your hands, and this is your "fork". 

 That night, we went to Comedy Sportz Club which I've been wanting to do for years. They said some nights aren't as good as others, but this was a fantastic night of clean humor.
We had such a great time together.

 It isn't comedy about sports, it's comedic competitions. You MUST go to this place if you ever find yourself staying near Provo with nothing to do.
I captured this tender moment. I don't know these people at all.
 These were full, tiring days, but well worth it.
 Provo is ahead of Star Valley in seasons. Who ISN'T??? It's amazing how encouraging warm weather, green grass, and spring blossoms can be.

I do not like myself in this picture, but I wanted to show all the tables of service projects going on, and this wasn't half of it.

Truthfully, I was thankful to sit for a while.

So, if you ever get a chance, at least one time- go to BYU Womens Conference! And follow Kristin around cuz she knows how to have fun!

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