Monday, June 16, 2014

Oregonian Wedding~ The Groom is in the Building

The girls and I shot down through the back country roads to the Eugene airport to pick up Lawrence and his friend Phil. This is the airport Elder Galloway flew into when he come to the mission field. It was really weird knowing we were so close to him and not going to see him!

We had dinner with Lawrence and Phil in Yachats. I had slumgullion, which is clam chowder with shrimp and cheese. It was verrrrry cheesy! I wrapped the stringy substance around and around and around my toast. We left the boys at their motel, and went back to Dad's for the night.

Next day, we picked them up and explored the Newport Aquarium which turned out to be a lot of fun for a lot of money. But it was good to spend time together!

Larry, Suzie, Rylee, Tiana, Shanelle, Lawrence, Phil

Who WOULDN'T want to stick their hand into a box of unknown contents? NOT ME. Uh-uh. No way. Never.

This is a live fish swimming around with an empty eye socket. I never saw the other side. Hope he has his other eye. Eek.

This is how Shanelle baited Lawrence.

An indoor tide pool. But, technically you can't call it a tide pool. Technically there is no tide. A volunteer man was manning this exhibit and when my dad knew the scientific name of the sea cucumber he was all kinds of impressed. He asked my dad his background, probably figuring he was a scientist of some sort. Nope, my dad was a scuba diver. He has dived all over the world.

I know these are the most boring pictures for others, but for my memory book I had to throw this in, right?

A reflective moment for Shanelle.

Being in this children's exhibit next to that little girl really shows how tall Phil is! Phil is a PE teacher. In England. He's English. (Case you didn't get that!)

Phil had never had Mexican food before. This place had a huge tv showing the World Cup. Good game. Good food. Good company.

With Phil around, you never have to worry about wasting food! He ate his plate, half my chorizo burrito, and most of Rylee's salad... As my Gran would say in her Japanese accent, "He's a BIG boy!"

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