Saturday, June 7, 2014

Le Cotage Conversion- No Fuss Garden

 For two summers I worked on an organic farm where I spent many hours down on the ground in the fight against weeds, thistles, crab grass, and who knows what else. If it is possible to win the fight, it takes years of fighting weeds and forming super soil.

To avoid this fate, we had planned on building concrete gardening boxes but money has been tight, so we started smaller with gardening troughs.
We gave the two-boys one of their own. Morgan has this super-power. He once planted a seed from a store bought apple at the old house in the lawn and it started growing into a tree. Here, this year, he planted a bell pepper from a store bought pepper. It is now outside still growing. He and Harris both started pea plants in my tupperware (!) and Morgan's grew like crazy. He started getting (and eating) pea pods off it before it was even warm enough to plant outside.
We put gravel in the bottom of the boxes for better drainage. By we, I mean, the two-boys.
I shared with Jake the idea of using rain gutters for strawberries and he loved the idea simply because they cost like, $6 a piece. 

I was in the store by myself trying to figure out how to work the end caps. They have one with a rubber gasket and one without. I thought maybe you needed both to work together. I was wrong.
Good little workers.
Do I look just like one of the "real world" models from Duluth Trading Co? 

I don't think so either.
I didn't get a shot of the complete garden. It takes up four sections of the fence. We use the plastic to create greenhouse conditions. The tomatoes are planted upside down. They're doing pretty well. We have 5 blossoms.

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