Thursday, June 28, 2012

Papa le Pew

 We invited President Haderlie to come check out our project (the cottage). It was date night so I brought Red Baron shakes. I love how Jake will just start drawing on a wall. Here he is drawing what he's going to do for our front door.
 So, this past week progress on the Cottage has been slow because Jake and Dave have been finishing up the pews for the new Catholic church in Thayne. On Saturday, Jake recruited a few strapping young men and his wife and kiddies and we got all of them installed. They used three trailers in two trips.
 These oak benches are heavy. Even those strong young men were tired after loading and unloading them. Then, the power drills came out and the benches attached to the floor.
 Nicole and Harris ran some sanding sponges along them. I rubbed lemon oil all over them.
 Here, the boys are filling nail holes.
 Porter forged on through his fatigue.
 Morgan always works with a great attitude. Can you see his scar?
Harold and the Kool-aide mustache. Ick. Kool-aide is so gross.

Now that this monumental job is behind us, we can spend a whole week working on the outside of the cottage. Yay!

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