Sunday, June 24, 2012

Le Cotage Conversion- The eyes are the...

Know what this is? It's an 80+ year old window. It's laying on the ground 'cause we don't want it.

The first window is in! They're low-e, and all that other good stuff.

Third window in! I added a model. You know, for scale.

Fourth window in! Wait til you see the plans for the space under that window...
Here I am. Living my own HGTV show. So, a little info on installing windows. When you are screwing the windows into place, you want to back the screws out a little. The window will expand and contract as time goes by, and if the screws are tight, your window will start to be difficult to slide. Also, these windows come with a tiny tube leading into... some place... and after you install them, you need to crimp it. Something about a something something.

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  1. Also when you are installing windows... The guy at Anderson Lumber said you want to screw either the top and the bottom or the sides but not all around the window!