Sunday, June 24, 2012

Le Cotage Conversion- Man vs Machine

 This is a 20 yard dumpster. It costs $450 every time they empty it.
 We have not yet had it emptied. Can you guess why?

(Cuz it gets packed down with a backhoe.)
 In case you didn't notice, that is Anthony operating the back-hoe. It is not as easy as Jake makes it look. When Jake operates heavy machinery, it's like an extension of his body. When you want to move your arm you don't ever have to think, "Which way do I push the two levers?"

 Anthony did alright. No damage was caused to the dumpster and now we can fit more stuff into it!
 Here he is. Our 17 year old boy. He's left-handed. (So is our youngest son.) He is a third degree black-belt. He will be a senior in high-school this fall. It will be his last year of being a running-back for the Star Valley Braves.
 He has just been called as the first counselor in the Priest's Quorum, which makes him an assistant to the Bishop and also automatically places him on the Youth Committee.
He gets to drive around in that pride-mobile you can see in the background. Seabring convertable.

We'll have him around for one and a half more years. Then it's off to serve a two-year full-time mission for the Church.

It is nice having a strong young man around to help us.


  1. Wow - I remember when he was just a little kid! Neat to see what a nice young man he has become. :)