Sunday, June 24, 2012

Le Cotage Conversion- Read in your posh English voice.

 Isn't it always a great feeling to have a load of gravel delivered to your house? Oh, you've never HAD gravel delivered to house? Well, you simply MUST try it.
 Tar, however, is not something that brings a great feeling. The plan was to tar the outside of the foundation walls and then apply the Bituthane. (Did you use your posh English voice?) This photo shows about how long Jake stuck to that plan. So, we jumped ahead to the peel and stick rolls of rubber which is backed with ---- TAR.

 Apparently, people who use this stuff (normally on roofs) are able to peel as they stick, using looong rolls at a time.  These particular rolls must've been 20 years old. The paper would peel off in triangles. (Ever try to peel the back of old or really cheap stickers?) Jake and I wrestled with one 10 ft long piece (him like a steaming pressure cooker, me just waiting for it to blow) before he finally decided we needed to try something different. So, I suggested we just cut smaller pieces which made the process move along much more efficiently.

Then, we had to get the gravel in the ditch a.s.a.p. before the Bituthane started falling down. Obviously, I didn't have anything to do with getting the gravel into the ditches. Although, I did use the backhoe and front-end loader a couple times about 13 years ago!
Away with the dirt and broken concrete. Peavler's hauled away two truck fulls but we still have lots more to get rid of.  I know it's a mess right now. I hope the neighbors will just focus on how great it will be to have us living in the house. Ha.

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