Sunday, July 1, 2012

Le Cotage- Well, it's a window well.

BEFORE- Not even an opening for a window. This was the first place where Jake cut a window opening, remember?
AFTER- A lovely 4x4 egress window and a nice deep window well. Around the window well will be concrete (higher in the corner and then lower to the right towards the driveway) to help shed the water away from the house.
AFTER- Future driveway.
BEFORE- West side.

Northeast corner.

South side. Jake had the old deck already torn down when he remembered my request that he take a before picture. It was covered and ran from the garage to the left edge of the french doors and came out ten feet. There weren't any stairs. The square to the right of the french doors was a window and the only door on this side was the one close to the garage.

Now he is building the new deck. Yay! We were able to use most of the boards from the old deck which saved us a grundle of money. However, the ends needed to be cut off so the new deck is 8 feet wide instead of ten. The kids worked hard to get the old nails out of the old wood. They earned an ice cream from Rulon's Burger Barn for that. The stairs will come down directly opposite the french doors. Oh, FYI- the single french door near the garage goes into the master bdrm, the double french doors go into the kitchen.


  1. LOVE IT!!! So excited for your family. It is fun to dive by and see the progress.

    Love you,

    1. Thanks Kathi! Hey, we should take the kids up to the Spring sometime.