Sunday, March 15, 2015

Uneatable Slice

This past weekend, the girls went down to Utah to spend time with our oldest kid, Shanelle. Ha. Kid.

I had noticed that people were posting things about pi. Then, Shanelle posted 'Happy Pi-e Day' along with this picture. So, I wrote that they have come up with a day for everything.

Then, Shanelle schooled me. I thought they had dedicated a day for pi, the little math symbol. The name of our friend who was lost at sea with a tiger. The number that never seems to end.

But, no. It was nothing so sentimental. Poor little pi.

It was simply March 14th.



The girls had a great time. Shopping. Eating. Watching movies.

My number one daughter.
And Shanelle got to see our new house.

LEt's giVe pi a Day!


  1. I knew 3.14 are not square. however they are Isosceles and yummy

  2. It is for the number pi, which, in its simplest form is 3.14

    1. Yes, I know Shanelle. I did three years of algebra. Believe it or not, I did not have to do research to find out about pi.