Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Temple We Will Go

It has been almost six weeks since my return to Star Valley from Guam. We camped (luxuriously) at Ron and JoAnn's for a couple of weeks and then bought a place of our own. We got Rylee back into Seminary class. Jake has been blessed with some remodeling jobs. The kids are so happy to be back where they can walk safely in to town by themselves and continue the friendships they were missing so much.

Finally, Jake and I are able to start reintegrating our own former routines. Like our weekly temple trip. Now that Rylee can legally drive, she did not waver in her decision to go do baptisms for the dead. We all enjoyed our time in the temple, grabbed a quick bite of lunch, then put Rylee behind the wheel.

Rylee's first drive in a city. Well, it's not like a New York City.

Back seat drivers.
Back seat singers.
Such a pretty girl.
Passing through the farmlands of south eastern Idaho.
Palisades Lake. Rylee's first drive through a mountain pass.
We mAde iT hOme sAFeLy.


  1. Mom!! It is NOT ok for you to put horrible pictures of me on the internet!!!! NOT OK!!!