Monday, March 23, 2015

Rylee Returns to Cheyenne

Remember Rylee's horse, January? She has been in Cheyenne since before we moved to Guam. Her foal is due to be born around April 1st.

 I was going to take Rylee out there next weekend, but then Miss Virginia asked if Rylee could come out ASAP. They have four mares all due in the next month. 

They have to check on the mares regularly for signs that "this is about to happen" even through the night. So, everyone is stretched to their limits with chores and lack of sleep. 

Rylee was bouncy crazy happy for two reasons. One, she got to drive all the way to Cheyenne which added six hours to her driving log. Second, was that she would be reunited with her harsey. 

The drive went well, and January walks like she's pregnant. 

This horse walked away from Rylee. It was not January. 

Guess where we found her?

Eating, of course. 

She had her head buried in the hay. 

January was as shaggy as a mammoth. When Rylee ran her hand across her belly, tufts of hair would float off into the wind. 

We stayed the night at cousin Ashby's. She whipped up (literally one-handed cuz she was on the phone) the best lasagna I've had for a long time. It was great fun sitting around the table visiting. 

The night before, Miss Virginia and Uncle Rod had been up with a mare who gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. 

This foal was very strong right from the start. 

Everywhere her mama went, she followed. 

 I'm glad I didn't have to give birth to anything with such long knobby legs. 

I said my goodbyes to Rylee and headed home for Nicole's birthday party; another turn-around trip across Wyoming. It was quite cold!

Found this kitty enjoying the rising sun. 

Got home just in time. Kiki and Avery made the cake. They had a joint part cuz they were born mere days apart. 
Swim party!

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