Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Music Monday~ Not the Star Wars LP

Today, I am instituting Music Monday. Because, it's my blog. I can  institute anything I want.

And because, well, you can't tell by looking at me, but I love music.

I LOVE music. If it were possible to literally love music enough to marry it, that would be me.

I'm a terrible dancer and I'm not musically talented. That is why you can't tell how much in love with music I am, but the passion is there. It is nearly physically impossible for me to keep from tapping my foot or bobbing my head when there is music playing. In fact, I often absentmindedly "dance" my fingers to whatever is playing inside my head. Jake calls it a tic. You know in the movie Signs, when the older brother is explaining why his sister never finishes a glass of water, "It's like a tic people have, except it's not a tic." That's me. I have a musical tic.

When I was in high school, my mom would pull up in front of my high school in her splotchy gold, two door, jalopy 1974 Mazda hatchback. Blaring Country & Western. You know the ones. Willie Nelson. Johnny Cash. I loved that music then, and STILL love that music. But, I was so embarrassed. Not because of the car, but because my mom was blaring her Country & Western, singing along out loud in front of my high school.

Thirty years later, I am the mom who pulls up blaring music and singing out loud. I am the mom with a car full of children of all ages and we are exhaling our souls in the lyrics.There are a number of songs for which my five children and I pine together, but I have noticed that they don't love the old stuff that I listen to. That's an understatement. They say very unkind things about songs from past generations.

At twelve, I made tapes that played the Beatles, Dolly Parton, and Duran Duran. I would play my dad's Star Wars album, then play my Cyndi Lauper album. Hmmm... my married daughter does like the Beatles, and has the occasional classic rock song on her mixed cds. One of my favorite parts of our relationship is that she gives me music. Digitial music of genres familiar and new. Piano sheet music of things that play in the background of movies that no one ever really listens to as they're watching.

If I had a voice as smooth as butter, or as unique as Cash, or as dynamic as Celine I would sing everywhere. If I were a famous singer, I would give free concerts as I shopped for groceries. As it is, I'm only occasionally brave enough to embarrass people with my slight  range of smooth-as-grits voice.

So, today, I share with you a song that comes on the radio almost every single time I get in the car. Do I ever tire of it? NOOOOOOOO.

This song is SO romantic it makes me want to dance. Right from the moment the song begins, it feels like someone opened a beautifully wrapped box and poured romantic out onto the table, and then a breeze comes along and wisps of romantic swirl up and through the room. Some songs have romantic music with unromantic lyrics. This song does not fail me with its words.

Desafortunamente (unfortunately), I cannot in good conscience, share the music video that Ed Sheeran made because the girl who dances with him is barely covered, but the choreography is captivating, and I love the idea of him being the one around which she dances in a romantically dressed ballroom. So, the lyric video it is. Thanks, whoever made it.

Oh dear. Rylee just pointed out that today is not Monday. *sigh*

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  1. what a wonderful Blog. I remember Rylee singing in the Honda when we went somewhere in Idaho falls and selecting the appropriate music :-). Oh did you know a new movie of start wars is set to be released soon. I hope you want to see it with your brood as we did in guam