Sunday, February 9, 2014

Where are my goggles?

This is the Palisades Reservoir. AKA, a lake. It's a quite large lake nestled in some mountains through which we drive to get to Idaho Falls. This photo was taken at the beginning of winter. Those lines in the lake are breaks in the ice. Currently, it is frozen over completely, and everything to the sides of the road is covered with deep layers of snow. Utterly beautiful. Especially when I'm not the one driving.

So, this is mother nature's aqua fresca.

This is the watering hole at Ron and JoAnn's cabana.

Jake's mom, Jo, designed this house, but it was never finished before she passed away. This pool was designed so that a person with limited mobility could get easily into the water.

So easy, in fact, that you just walk out onto this deck and... lowers down into the pool.

Isn't that an ingenious idea? 

Ron is also using a unique idea for heating the pool which we hope will be more affordable than typical systems. Notice, the black thing up in the corner.

Not only does it act as a pool cover when not in use...

...but you can also set the depth to match whatever little squeakers are swimming.

I love swimming SO MUCH!!!!!

I am flattered that my kids were asked to be the guinea pigs; the test pilots. I'd say the design is a winner.

Indoor pool! Ron and JoAnn, I am so envious!

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