Friday, February 14, 2014

Memo of My Missionary- Elder in Quotes

Anthony doesn't say much about his companions, and in all his moving around I didn't know who he was comps with in Santa Clara, or who his current companion is. So, I asked him.
Tyson West!

THIS is not nor has ever been his companion. I figured there must be some great significance because of the exclamation point which he added after Tyson West!

So, I asked him. Here's his response:  "yeah tyson is a SV boy. um his family lives in lower valley."

Elder Kunz baptized at 19 then came out here

Again, not ever his companion!

elder Russell and Me

I don't know if this was ever his comp?

Then, he sent this picture, with this caption:
Elder Gosar-Gosar was one of my first zone leaders back in my Coos Bay days. he is headed home this week and im taking over his area.

So, I asked him if he was becoming a zone leader. This was his response: "haha...haha...HAHA no im not. i dont want to be."

my new friend!

Um... I don't think this was ever ANYone's companion.
meet the new comp elder ellsworth-we got double blows

This is Anthony's current companion.

"Shaw and Curtis were my Santa Clara comps. Curtis is on his way to Brazil as we speak."

 I asked him how he liked moving so much:  "president needs to stop moving me. im an emotional wreck. i dont know anyone. i cant get comfortable."

I told him that he's probably being prepared for something!

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