Saturday, February 8, 2014

Memo of My Missionary- Facebook is for Finding

I, Tiana,  have not been regularly updating. Sorry. Been doing a lot, but not blogging about it.

Update on Anthony- He was emergency transferred from Medford to Santa Clara. Apparently, an Elder had to go home, so they chose Anthony to fill his spot. Only three weeks later, he was transferred again to Springfield 3rd. He says he is an emotional wreck with all this moving so quickly.

The Oregon Eugene Mission is participating in a trial of using Facebook for missionary work. The mission president, Pres. Young, said in a letter he sent out to all his missionaries that the Church expects them to "perform this Social Media test with honor, obedience and great diligence." He also wrote that Facebook is only to be used in finding, teaching, and working with current or new investigators in their assigned areas; NOT for teaching people at home. He also stated that he is proud of the wonderful creativity and gospel/missionary postings.

I am no longer on Facebook, but I used to use our LDS Home Decor page as a way of sharing spiritual messages. I really enjoyed it a lot, and found that many people all over the world would somehow find themselves on our page, and would make friendly, appreciative comments.

I hope that church members and friends across the globe will help the missionaries stay on the honorable side of the line during this experiment.

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